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Co/Color Retiring and Recommends Layton Printing
  After 40 years of serving you, Michael Gasparrelli and I are retiring. We have had a great career serving you and will miss our association with you. In anticipation of our retirement, we have carefully considered who to recommend for your trade printing needs and the choice is really very simple: Layton Printing.
Layton Printing has been serving the trade for 32 years and we have worked closely with them for many of these years. In fact, Layton Printing is located just 2 miles from our shop and they have hired four of Co/Color’s key employees, including John Maulucci who has been your key contact at Co/Color for more than 30 years.
This is an exciting time for all our Co/Color customers because Layton Printing is a full-service digital and 40” sheet-fed printing company with complete in-house mailing services. Their capabilities are even greater than we have had at Co/Color. Michael and I are confident you will be thrilled with Layton Printing’s quality, service and rock-bottom trade prices. We highly recommend them!
Layton Printing will continue to accept and fill orders from Co/Color’s website. If you call the phone number on Co/Color’s website, Layton Printing’s friendly customer service people will answer “Layton Printing”. Your invoice will be from Layton Printing. Layton Printing’s contact information is as follows:
Layton Printing & Mailing, Inc.
1538 Arrow Highway
La Verne, CA 91750
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., PST
Thank you for your many years of friendship and allowing Co/Color to be your trade printer. We are confident your relationship with Layton Printing will be outstanding. We wish great success to you, your family and your business.
Dan Gasparrelli
  About Co/Color
  Co/Color has been providing high quality full color printing "For the Trade Only" for over 30 years. We sell exclusively to printers and professional printing resellers; this means that our customers demand the highest quality printing available. Our mission and the reason for our continued success has always been to maximize the value that our print resellers can bring to their customers. This means not only delivering a high quality product on time at low prices but it also means that we deliver a high quality customer service experience to you. We know that the better we take care of you the better you can take care of your customers. We strive to meet and exceed your needs and expectations whenever you work with us. If you have any suggestions, observations or criticisms we would be very grateful to hear from you.
  A Brief History
  Robert Gillman founded the original company shortly after WWII. He ran the company as a traditional commercial job shop doing work for local businesses in the Southern California area. In 1967 he sold the business to a Los Angeles rubber stamp manufacturer Irving Canter. Mr. Canter was not a printer by trade and the company experienced steady decline until 1969 when he sold it to Dan Gasparrelli an 18 year old employee who had graduated recently from Don Bosco Technical Institute where he had received training in offset lithographic printing. Dan was joined shortly thereafter by his cousin and lifelong friend Michael Gasparrelli and they have continued to run the company for more than 30 years.